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Professional computer operators don't want to touch to mouse again and again, they simply wants to work with key board only, which is very fast and no need to search the buttons of software, so there is a set of complete Urdu software's Short Keys.
Text Editing
Toggle English and UrduCtrl+Space
Delete Previous Character Backspace
Delete Previous Word Ctrl+Backspace
Delete Next Character Del
Delete Next Word Ctrl+Del
Cut Ctrl+X, Shift+Del
Copy Ctrl+C, Ctrl+Insert
Paste Ctrl+V, Shift+Insert
Undo Previous OperationAlt+Backspace, Ctrl+Z
Select All Ctrl+A
Find Text Ctrl+F
Replace Text Ctrl+R

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Learn Grammar

Regular Verb Tenses
Present simple
used for action in the present, for things that are always true or that happen regularly, and for opinions and beliefs 

arrive (do not arrive)  
he/she/it  arrives (does not arrive)

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