An Insurance consultant can sell his product easily by practicing this mantras.

6 Questions and 7 Habits
• Insurance is no Rocket science
• It is least effected by any Downturn
• The need existed during World War, Greatest Economic Depression and exists now....

Here is an opportunity….

With these Facts an IC can earn minimum Rs. 18,000/- every month…..

By Following the Some Mantras

6 Questions and 7 Habits
Doing 1 Questioning Call a Day

1 Questioning Call X 30 days = 30 Questioning calls
Conversion @ 3:10 = 9 closing

9 Closing X Rs. 10,000/- = Rs. 90,000/- collected premium

Commission @ 20 % = Rs. 18,000/-

However what are the 6 Questions that needs to be asked ?

6 Questions…..Your Road to Success

Question # 1 : Education: "What role do you see yourself playing, financially or otherwise, in the education of your children or grandchildren?"

Question # 2 : Survivor Income: "Of all the things you look forward to in your future, how would your family's objectives change if you didn't make it home tonight? What would you want me to tell your survivors about your intentions for them?"

Question # 3 : Retirement: "What are your thoughts on retirement? How do you envision spending your 60s, 70s and 80s?"

Question # 4 : Major Purchases : "What major purchases or expenses do you see occurring, say over the next three years? How about over the next three to 10? Over the next 10 and beyond?"

Question # 5 : Asset Allocation : "How do you approach asset-allocation decisions in your investments? Has this changed over time, and how do you see it changing in the future?"

Question # 6 : Disability : "If you were too sick or hurt to work, what would your concerns be and how much income would you want your family to have?"

These 6 questions with any client would get the IC going for a 3:10 ratio….
and the conversion would lead to Rs. 18,000/- p.m.

But……….. How to

Work Habits !!!

7 Habits….. Your Key to Success

Habit # 1 : "Have 200 names ready to kick start the year"

Habit # 2 : "In market 24 x 7 x 365"

Habit # 3 : "Fix appointment before Questioning Call. Known unknown doesn't matter"

Habit # 4 : "1 Questioning Call per day is the least that can be done for the shop to run"

Habit # 5 : "Record and Study statements to suggest"

Habit # 6 : "Follow up, Follow up, Follow up however be creative every time (1
Questioning Call for the day is must)"

Habit # 7 : "Ask for 3 names where the 6 Questions would be heard and answered, from each person with whom Questioning Call has been done"

These 6 Questions and 7 Basic Work habits

Would help the IC team to sail through the next 12 months

I am sure we all Love Money !!! and That's not Free……

So, lets focus on the 6 Questions and 7 Basic Work Habits for your successful carrier.

The Beginning…….

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