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Learn English Grammer

Language is a medium of communication, In order to define what is language, we must understand the fact that language in general is an extremely useful tool. Language can also be called a medium that human beings have at their dsposal for expressing themselves, it is true that it is difficult to find out one single definition which can fully ives the description what is language, we simply say that language is a medium of communication, medium of share the ideas etc. it means receiving of a message or carrying of a message. So grammars are also plays a significant role in learning a language. I am giving the detail grammers in this training in detail and in simple language which can a secondary student can also understand.
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Soft skills

What do u mean by soft Skills:

The soft skills is related to various subjects, like Customer Service, Telephone etiquette, Building your resume, Interview handling skills etc.

Customer service

so many things comes under customers service ex.. establishing and building a rapport, teamwork, professionalism and integrity.
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Project on Indian Railway Reservation

Microsoft Access is a relationship data base management system through which you can have multiple tables, all linked to each other through a common field, each table containing a specific type of information. For instance you can have one table containing a list of all the items that you sell, another table containing information about which item can be procured from which supplier another table containing orders for different items received from different customers and yet another table containing basic information about customer themselves and all this table can be linked together though common key fields.
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