What is an Ugadi Festival of India

What is an UGADI Festival of India
Chandramana Yugadi, the festival which hereby the beginning of the new year for those who follow Indian calendar based on Shalivana era, it is celebrated traditional fequau in Malnad and coastal party of Uttara Kannada district. The Yugadi day begins consumption of “Bevu Bella” which signifies the joys & follows in over life people consume neem heavy mixed jaggey & ghee special pujas are held and Holize” made of Bengal gram is the special sweet item for lunch. In some places, annual religion refunds called “Devakarya” will also be performed in temples.
As Yugadi mousy the beginning of new samvatsara, people purchase panchanga (Traditional Indian Calender) in advance, and area it on Yugadi day. In some places, people gather at one place to listen to the priest reciting the panchanga.
By studying the unmovements of “Yugadi Purchages” mentioned in the Panchanga, happenings in the future will also be predicted.
With Yugadi, the spring reason begins & Mother Nature blooms with all the glory, flowers blorrum geeneey return to its earlier glory, and chirpy birds start unmoving enthusiastically again.
As people of uttare Kannada live in harmony with dense forests which cover unmajority of geographical area in the district, they love to witness positive changes darkign place in the forests in the specing season. These changes are believed to have poultice impact on the mood of people also.
Some of then are happy that they could collect more hone from forests in this season. As examinations will also be over soon, children love to go for outing & fasten some rare fruits available in forests. In urban areas also exchange of “evu bella” new clothes & special lunch make Yugadi celebrations.

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