Laboratory Demonstration method

Meaning : for teaching of physical science a demonstration is essential. Civics is also a science and so some scholars are of the view that the teaching of civics should also be conducted in a demonstration. There should be separate demonstration equipped in the materials connected with the subject matter of civics.

Here students should be encouraged to acquire knowledge independently. There should be provision of such things that the students, as soon as they enter the demonstration, should think that they are the citizens of future. It should have a room with space for seating of 30 to 40 boys. There should be good number of chairs and desks. There should be black board preferably painted green. There should be arrangement of models, pictures, maps, sketches, charts, lists and such other things. There should be Bulletin board to give information to students. There should be certain Almirahs and book-selves. Books that are kept are to be books of civics. There should be films slides, radio, television if it possible. There should be magazines, periodical, encyclopedia etc. these should be other teaching aids.
Tape record discussions of great men, conteruives of televisions go a long way in making learning better and realistic for example what happens if electives to assemblies are held on and on?
In this method teacher has to decide worth while educational programme. He has to decide outline of entire work and give an idea of work. He has to determine the time during which the work is finishes within the prescribed time. If the child finishes his work before hand he is to be given some other work, there is to be a progress report kept for the purpose. Details of work done of them are to be entered into it.

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