B.Ed. Question Paper of Karnataka State Women's University

10BD 55-I (10)
for the year 2010
Time: 3 hours Max. Marks : 80
Note: Answer any three questions from section 'A' and ten from Section 'B'

Each answer should not exceed more than three pages: (10x3=10)

1. Discuss the importance of teaching English in India with reference to the following
a) English as a link language.
b) English as a international language.
c) English as a library language.
2. Describe aims and objectives of teaching English as 1st Language and second language.
3. Describe the method of teaching English as put forward of Micheal West.
4. Write down ten specific objectives on any topic from Class IX using behavioural terms.
5. What is unit test? Explain the steps involved in unit test.

SECTION - B 5x10=50
6. Discuss the professional growth of an English teacher.
7. Explain the principles of evaluation in teaching of English.
8. Discuss the three language formula, its meaning and scope.
9. Discuss the meaning and functions of language.
10. What are the aims and objectives of teaching prose?
11. Discuss the importance of Resource Unit in teaching English?
12. Discuss the organization of English content with respect to psychological arrangement.
13. Describe the importance of good hand-writing.
14. Discuss the phonological structure of English language.
15. What are different types of English language reading?
16. Explain the steps in writing English lesson plan at secondary school level.
17. Discuss the significance of language laboratory.


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