10BD 55-1(01)
Year : 2010
B.Ed.(Theory) Degree Examination
Time : 3hours
Max. Marks: 80

Instruction: Answer any three questions from section A & any ten questions fromsection B.

SECTION –A (10x3=30)
Each answershould not be more than 3 pages.

1. Explain Indian Philosophical values of ‘Karma and Dharma’ with itsEducational Implications.
2. Explain the concept of Education for Harmony and Artistic SelfExpression of Rabindranath Tagore.
3. What do you meant by National Integration? What are the programmes wouldyou suggest for strengthening National Integration among secondary schoolchildren?
4. Explain the meaning and scope of Educational Sociology.
5. Critically examine the measures taken by government of India for Universalization ofElementary Education (UEE).
SECTION – B (10x5=50)

6. “Education is the natural, harmonious and progressive development ofman’s innate powers”. Elucidate the statement
7. What are the recommendations of Woods Despatch (1854) regardingsecondary education?
8. Explain in brief the characteristics of Emerging India Society.
9. Suggest the ways and means of co-ordinating school and communityfunctions.
10. What do you meant by Democratic value? How do you develop the same amongsecondary school children?
11. Explain the role of education in bringing desirable social change.
12. List out the problems of women Education in India “and suggest the remedies.
13. Discuss the role of Education in promoting International Understanding.
14. Bring out the important functions of Educational Philosophy.
15. Distinguish between Informal and Non-formal agencies of education.
16. What are the recommendations of Kothari Education Commission (1964-66)regarding Teacher Education?
17. What are the constitutional provisions regarding education? Explain inbrief.

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