10BD 55-1(02)
Year : 2010
B.Ed.(Theory) Degree Examination
Time : 3hours
Max. Marks: 80

Instruction: Answer any three questions from Section A and ten from Section B.

SECTION – A (10x3=30)
Each answershould not be more than 3 pages.

1. Describe the experiment conducted by Skinner on Operant Conditioning anddiscuss its educational implications.

2. Write an experiment you have performed on learning curve with respectedto
a. Aims, materials and procedure.
b. Analysis, discussion and conclusion.
c. Educational implements.
3. Explain-Physical, cognitive and emotional aspect of development inadolescent learner.
4. State the meaning of heredity and environment and discuss the impact ofboth in the development of the children.
5. Explain the meaning and importance of Educational Psychology.
SECTION – B (5x10=50)

6. What are the stages of growth and development? Explain.
7. What is transfer of learning? What is the role of teacher in transfer oflearning?
8. Define – personality and explain any two assessment tools.
9. Explain physiological and psychological factors affecting on learning.
10. The mental age of two children is 16 and 19 with same chronological ageof 16. Calculate the I.Q. of both and analyse the result.
11. Explain the concept of Sthitapragna.
12. Explain the concept and areas of individual differences.
13. Explain briefly principles of mental hygiene.
14. What is creativity? How do you fostering creativity among your students?
15. Define attention. What are the factors affecting attention? Explain.
16. Explain the various defence mechanisms.
17. Write structure and characteristics of classroom group.

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