What is Sociology

What is sociology:
          Sociology is the youngest of the social sciences. It’s major field of study is human society. It is popularly known as a science of society.

          It joined the family of social sciences. As a new member very recently in the 19th century a French philosopher by name Auguste comte, laid the foundations of the science of sociology. He is widely recognized as the father of sociology, it was he who made a general approach to the study of human society. Comte introduced for the first time the word sociology in his lectures on “positive philosophy” in the year 1839.

Meaning of sociology:
          The word sociology is derived from the Latin word “Socius” [companion] and the greek word “Logos” [science or study]. Thus the meaning of sociology is the “science of society”

Definition of sociology:
          Sociology has been defined by the different sociologist by different way.

          According to Ogburn and Nimkoff – “The scientific study of social life”

          According to MacIver and Page – “Sociology is about social relationship”

          According to Park and Burgress - “it is a science of collective behaviour”

Emergence of sociology:
          Sociology came to be established as an independent and separate social science in the middle of the 19th century. Various factors such as Political, Social & Economic factors caused for the Emergence of sociology.

Factors contributed to Emergence of sociology.
1.                Growth and Natural and social science.
2.                Industrial revolutions.
3.                Renaissance and Reformations.
4.                France Revolution.

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