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Gulbarga University Question Paper POLITICAL SCIENCE

Gulbarga University Question Paper POLITICAL SCIENCE
AIIIS (144) I-2K9
B.A. III Semester Degree Examination
Paper-2 : Indian Constitution
Time : 3 Hrs Max. Marks : 80
Instruction: 1) Answer all the questions from Section ‘A’
2) Answer any three questions from Section ‘B’
3) Answer any two questions from Section ‘C’
Answer the following questions in three or four sentences. 10x2=20
1. What is written constitution?
2. What is cabinet system?
3. Write the meaning of the republic.
4. What are the qualifications of the president of India?
5. Who appoints the governor of a state?
6. What do you mean by the universal adult franchise?
7. What is writs?
8. What is the meaning of the federalism?
9. What is judicial review?
10. Write the meaning of secularism.
Write the medium sized answers (any three) 10x3=30
11. Explain the role of the constituent assembly in the drafting of the India’s constitution.
12. Explain the contents of the preamble in the Indian constitution.
13. Examine the role of the supreme court of India
14. Discuss the centre-state relations in Indian federal system.
15. Write a note on duties of Indian citizens.
Write lengthy answers (any two) (15x2=30)
16. Discuss the powers and functions of the Indian president.
17. Discuss the composition, powers and functions of the High Court.
18. Explain the fundamental features of the Indian constitution.
19. Discuss the various features of the Indian federal system.

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