9 Medicinal Benefits of Banana


It is a lovely fruit every one like this. Banana is full of vitamins and calories. Here I am giving 9 medicinal benefits of Banana.
9 benefits of banana are as follows:

1. Banana is a best fruit. There may be many varieties. There may be different tastes and colors. But effect on the body is the same and one. It is cool one, sweet in taste, very healthy food. If we take it every day after meals, flesh and vigour will be developed.

2. Weight will be increased and there will be easy digestion/

3. If unriped banana along with rind is taken, worms in the intestine will come out along with motion.

4. If banana is taken with sugar and honey, chest pain and cough will be reduced.

5. High fever, piles, amoebiosis, dysentery will be reduced, if it is consumed with butter milk.

6. If it is taken with lemon juice for some days, blood will be purified.

7. If boiled banana flower is taken with butter milk, bleeding at the time of menses will be stopped.

8. It is a harmful germ killer The Central part of the stem of banana plant may be used as a vegetable. Because it is good for health. It kills harmful germs in the body and keeps good health but it should be taken rarely.

9. Leaves of banana plant should be burnt and made powder. If two spoon full of this powder is taken with honey, 'Hiccups' will be reduced.

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