Garlic as Medicine

10 medicinal benefits of garlic.
1. The garlic usage has good digestion power. It gives energy in nerves. It keeps our body warm.
2. Pain of scorpion bite will be reduced if garlic paste is applied to the part of scorpion bite.
3. Blood will be improved if we take our daily food prepared with required quality of Garlics. There will be no gas formed in stomach. It is good for strength.

4. We should take an half burnt garlic when there is obstruction. Four piece of garlic if taken in boiled milk no obstruction takes place.
5. If one tea spoonful juice of garlic is taken with honey, round worm will be thrown out. Wounds will be cured when washed with the water boiled with a garlic.
6. It is a good medicine for blood pressure. They should use garlic every day in their food. T.B. patients should use garlic after they are cured every day throughout the year. They will not suffer again.
7. For bad wounds, it should be washed with garlic juice containing butter. Health will be improved if it will be cured.
8.Due to diarrhoea if there is pain in the woumb, one cup of water boiled with garlic should be taken three of four times a day.
9. Some parts of garlic wrapped with cotton and if kept in ear, hearing will be improved in cold season. It is very useful for ladies in post maternal period.
10. The unusual ear pain due to cold may be cured or reduced by pouring one or two drops of cold coconut oil duly boiled with garlic into the ears.

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