Mango the king of fruits

Mango the king of the fruit. It is available in summer only. But, the pickle is available for the hold year. It is a very sweet fruit every body know's that. It is prohibited to the sugar patients. But any body know that the medicinal use of the Mango, perhaps somebody. I have collected few mango's medicinal benefits.

1. Appetite will be increased, if we eat more mango fruits. Thirst will be reduced. Constipation is cured, Energy is created in the body.

2. Health will be improved if we eat one mango every day. All the disease of deficiency of vitamin 'A' will be cured.

3. Memory power will be increased if one cup of mango juice with honey is consumed every day. Power of hearing increases and also we get strength.

4. Pickles can be prepared. There will be good digestion, if pickles of mango are used in our daily food, we get good appetite. No food will be spoiled in the stomach.

5. If one cup of the juice of rind of a mango is consumed thrice in a day, piles will be cured.

6. If there is much bleeding during the time of menses, a spoon full of burnt rind powder should be consumed.

7. The skin diseases like itching may be cured by applying the oozing milk - like liquid of a plucked mango over the itching skin.

8. There is much 'C' vitamin in the mango. It is better to use this in pickle and other things.

9. There will be good blood circulation if we use daily one mango. Disability of nerves improved, weakness of heart will be improved.

10. If there is much bleeding during the time of operation or at any incident, burnt powder of leaves should be applied to the part of bleeding. Bleeding will be stopped.

11. Diabetic patients should not use more mangoes.

12. Sprouts of leaves should be used at the time of blood coming from the gums of teeth. Teeth-ache will be reduced and cough will also be reduced.

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