1. Milk is very strong food. There is no other food than milk. It contains all vitamins. It is very essential food for children, old people, patients and pregnant ladies.

2. Milk of black cow is superior. All vitamin and essential nutrient we need are there.

3. Milk of sheep is good for weak people. It stops dysentery with blood, if the milk of sheep is taken with lemon juice. Those who are suffering from thirst diseases, they may take this milk with turmeric powder and honey.

4. There will be no cracks in the skin of face, if face is washed with some milk and water. Mouth ulcer will be cured by consuming cup of pure milk every day in the morning for three or four times.

5. Blood coming from nose will be stopped if few drops of breast milk is put in the nose.

6. Headache is cured if paste of dry ginger in cow milk is smeared on the forehead.

7. If we apply a spoonful of milk with a bit of salt over the skin of face, the freshness and the luster of face will remain for a long time without drying.

8. A cup of cow's milk and the juice of a lemon mixing together if consumed for a week the bleeding, piles complaint will be avoided.
9. Add 4 to 5 cardamom's powder into a cup of milk and again add a cup of tender coconut water to it mixing well. If this mixture is consumed once of twice a day, the uneasiness felt when passing out urine will be made easy.

10. Make paste of almond seeds in two spoons of milk and soak some pieces of bread in it. Rub this bread on pimples on the face for fifteen minutes daily for few days. Pimples will be vanished within a week. Black spots disappear. FAce will now be shining with luster.

11. The paste of turmeric made in the cream of milk if applied to the cracks over the lips, palm and foot, the cracks will gradually disappear.

12. Butter using biles will be cured, fatigue will be reduced, caugh and asthama will be cured. Thirst is reduced, vigourness increase.

13. If kajal prepared with butter applied to the eyes, eye pain will be reduced. If applied to hair, hair shines and the gray hair disappears.

14. If face, arms and feet massage with the cream of milk, skin will not become black in the sun.

15. If some drops of cow milk or breast milk is put in the eyes when eyes are red, burning sensation, priking sensation in the eyes will be reduced. Redness of the eyes will be vanished.

16. Cold will be reduced if a cup of milk with powder of pepper is taken.

17. Milk is easily digestible food. Milk without water is not digestible. Diluted well boiled milk should be given to children. Bufallo milk is not useful for drinking. If it is take, it will not be digested easily. Always diluted milk should be taken.

18. Milk should be taken while it is hot. Milk should not be taken immediately after meals. There will be constipation if it is taken. It is better to take after three hours of meal.

19. There will be no burning sensation if palm and feet are rubbed with cow's ghee.

20. Curd keeps body cool. It avoids thirst. Cud is useful in dysentery, constipation, fever. It gives energy to the body. If we taken curd every day there will be energy which fights against all diseases.

21. Piles will be cured if curd is taken with food along with Jaggery.

22. Those who are suffering from Jaundis should take curds with soft rice. Butter milk may be taken. If rice is taken with curds of cow milk early in the morning, half headache will be cured.

23. Those who are suffering from piles should take butter milk every day in the morning.

24. It is not better to take butter milk or curd at night. If it is necessary it may be taken with little sugar.

25. Curd is better to those who suffer with urine troubles, cold and dysentery. It is better to taken curd with some table salt and water.

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