Onion a medicinal Plant

1. There is much water portion in onion. It destroys germs. Many diseases pertaining to intestine and stomach will be cured if the onion is taken with cucumber, tomato, and carrot.
2. If onion is taken with meals every day, burning of eyes, eye pain, headache will be stopped.

3. Weight increases if onion is taken with Jaggery.
4. keep cotton in the juice of onion for some time. Keep this in the nose for fifteen minutes. Blood coming from nose sops. It should be done thrice a day.
5. Ear pain will be stopped if three or four drops of onion juice is put in the ear.

6. There will be no heart diseases if onion is used daily.
7. There will be some improvement if paste of onion is applied to the part where honey bee or scorpion is beaten.
8. Bleeding from gums will be reduced if onion paste is rubbed to the gums.
9. Itching will be cured if onion juice with turmeric powder is applied.
10. The pain in gum will be reduced if rubbed with the powder or green seed with honey.
11. onion contains iron. It increases saliva. Digestion power increases. Jaundice and piles will be cured.
12. Vomiting stops with onion smell. Cold and head ache will be reduced with its smell. it gives some benefit when applied to broken parts of the skin.

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