12 Medicinal benefits of Ginger

1. Ginger is very useful for digestion It creates more digestive juices. It improves digestion capacity. Wet ginger is better than dry ginger. It is used in pickles. It is also used in butter milk and in other masala items of food.

2. If it is taken after food indigestion, no side affects or diseases will appear. It reduces piles.

3. Headache will be reduced by applying the paste of ginger to the fore-head.

4. If we do not feel taste, take a few grains of cumin seed with sugar candy, make juice and drink. It reduces, cough, Asthama and Caugh in the throat.

5. If we take ginger juice with two spoonful of lemon juice, two spoonful of honey, the piles, jaundis, joint pain, obstruction indigestion, vomiting, constipation, throat pain will be reduced. It should be taken thrice in a day.

6. Cough will be reduced if ginger juice is consumed along with a cup of fruit juice. It also reduces T.B., cough, asthama etc.

7. It is better to use the ginger juice when parasite like tape worm, hook worm etc. are obstructed in the intestine or in the stomach.

8. If there is any trouble in throat a common salt may be used.

9. Cold will be reduced if ginger juice is taken with sugar thrice in a day.

10. If one tea spoonful of dry ginger with fresh cow milk is taken early in the morning for a week jaundis will be reduced.

11. It can be used as a tooth powder. Ginger should first be burnt and mixed with common salt.

12. All diseases pertaining to intestine and stomach will be reduced if ginger juice is taken with honey. And there will not be formation of any gas.

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