7 Medicinal Benefits of Radish

7 Medicinal Benefits of Radish

1. Radish helps digestion. There will be good digestion of food if radish is taken. Boiled radish creates gas in the stomach. Raw radish is better to those who are suffering from piles and they should take raw radish. Pile is reduced and the leaves of radish contain more vitamins. This should not be thrown out. It may be used as a vegetable.

2. Those who are suffering from indigestion, poor sight, constipation, piles, jaundice should take pieces of radish along with powder of pepper, lemon juice and common salt.

3. It is vary useful for curing diseases of eye, ear, nose, throat. If regularly consumed, chances of suffering from cold are very rare.

4. At the time of hunger no boiled or raw radish should be taken. If juice of radish leaves is taken, stone in the bladder will be dissolved and there will be easiness in passing urine.

5. If paste of radish with common salt applied to the place of scorpion beat, pain reduces.

6. All skin d
iseases like itches will be cured if paste of radish and curd is applied.

7. Diarrhea
will be cured. If one cup of butter milk with radish is taken. Radish leaves contain more vitamines. Leaves should not be thrown out. It may be used as a vegetable.

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