Betel leaf as medicine

Betel leaf in cold days:
1. There is common habit of taking betel leaf and chewing after meals. Body become warm if it is taken in cold days.

Digestion with Betel leaf:
2. It creates more sa liva which helps for the digestion.

Betel leaf for mouth fresh:
3. It reduces eagerness of sex and there will be not bad smell of mouth.

Betel leaf for cough and cold:
4. If it is taken with little bit camphor, a clove and with tulasi basil leaves twice or thrice a day, cough and cold will be reduce.
Betel leaf for heart and blood pressure:
5. It should not be taken by those who suffer from blood pressure and diseases pertaining to intestine and heart dise

Betel leaf for teeth:
6. If it is chewed well teeth becomes strong. If it is taken with four seeds of pepper and little bit salt, cough
will be reduced.

Betel leaf for hair fall:
7. If the paste of these leaves is applied to hair with coconut oil,
falling of hair stops and dust is removed.

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