Cinnamon as Medicine

Cinnamon as Medicine
Cough problems and Cinnamon
Passing of urine many times in a day will stop, if cinnamon powder is taken with honey. It also cures cough of the people who are suffering from Asthama.

Pimples and Headache:
If the paste of cinnamon and honey applied to the fore-head, headache will be cured. Pimples may also be cured.

Pain After delivery and Menses Problem with Cinnamon:
Pain after delivery of ladies stops, if cinnamon is taken with honey. It also postpones monthly course of menses, if it is taken every day night.

Malaria, flue, cold indigestion, throat pain with Cinnamon:
Take cinnamon powder, pepper powder and boil with water and add honey to it. If this mixture is taken thrice in a day, malaria, flue, cold, indigestion, throat pain will be cured.

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