Coconut as medicine

Coconut as medicine
Every one knows that Coconut is a good food. But, very few body knows about the medicinal uses of coconut.

1. Coconut for burning sensation:
If the mixture of coconut water, pure water of setted calcium and turmeric powder applied to the feet, burning sensation will be reduced.

2. Coconut for chest pain, sleeplessness:
If the mixture of coconut, cardamom and sugar is taken, chest pain, sleeplessness are cured.
3. Chronic diseases will be cured if the medicine is given with coconut water.

4. Coconut for Teeth problems:
It is very useful to the body if coconut water is taken with jaggery, if the coconut is chewed well with jaggery g
ums of teeth become strong. It avoids tooth ache.

5. Coconut for children:
Small children will not vomit if milk is given with coconut water.

6. Coconut water mixed with banana is very useful to small children. This is equal to milk.
7. Coconut for mouth ulcers:
Mouth ulcers will be cured if dry coconut taken with pure sugar.

8. Coconut for cough and chest pain, dysentery & amoebiosis:
Make mixture of poppy seeds, coconut milk and honey. If this mixture is used diseases like cough, chest pain, amoebiosis and dysentery will be cured.

9. If the mixture of very fine and thin coconut, banana and milk is given to the small children,there will be good digestion.

10. Coconut for

weakness of nerves:
If one cup of mixture of coconut water with one spoonful of honey is taken, the weakness of nerves will be cured and the vigour of the body will be increased.

11. Coconut for old people:
Health will be improved if coconut water with milk is given to old people, it is good liquiud food. It may be given to children who are suffering from reckets disease.

12. Coconut oil cures gangrene. If the mixture of coconut oil, fine calcium and lemon juice is applied to hair, falling of hair stops. There will be shining. The hair grow long. If it is applied to the body, the skin become nice and soft and it does not dry.

13. Coconut oil is better than other oils in preparing food stuffs. Home made oil cures mouth ulcers. Take hard chips of coconut and grind it well and keep it on a oven in mild fire, the oil comes up. If this oil is applied to mouth, mouth ulcer will be .

14. If the back of pregnant ladies is massaged with warm coconut oil, their back pain will be reduced.

15. Coconut for ear pain:
Some cloves and garlic may be friend in coconut oil and then, if few drops of this oil are put in the ears, ear pain due to cold will be cured.

16. Coconut for child growth:
The child which is massaged with coconut oil and cow ghee and takes sunbath, then it will grow strong and healthy.

17. Coconut for skin:
If raw milk of coconut with glycerin is applied to palm, foot and face, the skin become soft.

18. Coconut for vomiting:
Vomiting stops if one cup of coconut water is taken with powder of cardamom and honey.

19. Coconut for black spot and pimples:
If face is washed every day with coconut water, all black spots and pimples would vanish, the skin of face will get shining.

20. Coconut for bile glads, heart and kidneys:
Coconut water is a cold drink. It is good for bile glands, heart and kidneys. Coconut water with lemon juice serves well in the event of deficiency of minerals and water in the body.

21. Coconut for Burning sensation of urine:
Burning sensation of urine is reduced, if coconut water is taken with jaggery and coriander powder twice in a day.

22. Coconut for asthama, cough and indigestion:
Coconut water reduces obstruction, fatigue, lazyness. Body becomes very active. People those who are suffering from asthama, cough and indigestion should not take coconut water.

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