Coriander as Medicine

Coriander for Stomach Pain:
Mixture of coriander and dry ginger cures stomach pain.

Coriander for Vomiting:
Take a spoonful powder of coriander seed and put in the rice washed water and take this with sugar and milk, the vomiting stops.

Vomiting of Pregnant:
Take one tea spoon of coriander seeds and take one cup of rice washed water put the powder of coriander seeds in this water. Use this mixture with sugar, the vomiting of pregnant ladies will stop.

Coriander for Indigestion:
Take 100 grams of coriander sees and 25 grams of dry ginger and make powder and rost it for few minutes and keep this in a bottle, take this powder and boil it in water. It may be taken with milk whenever there is indigestion.

Coriander for Urine problem:
Take of half a tea spoon of coriander seed's powder and mix it with coconut water and jaggery. If this mixture is taken twice a day the burning sensation when passing urine stops gradually.

Coriander for bile:
If the mixture of coriander seed and sugar is taken, the bile is reduced.

Coriander for Pimples and black spots of skin:
If mixture of coriander leaves with lemon juice is taken all pimples and black spots of skin will vanish.

Mouth Ulcer:
Mouth ulcers will be cured if the powder of coriander and honey is consumed.

Coriander for vitamin A, B, D,
If coriander seeds and leaf is used in daily food, deficiency of vitamins A, B, D, will be balanced.

Smell of mouth:
If coriander vegetable is chewed, there will be no bad smell in mouth.

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