Cucumber as medicine

Cucumber as Medicine

Thirst and Cucumber:
1. It is better to take cucumber at the time of thirst and indigestion.

Treatment of Digestion problem with Cucumber:
2. Raw cucumber should always be taken, indigestion will be cured. If it taken with common salt and pepper, there will be good digestion.

Treatment of Piles, diabetise, bile and stone in gallbladder with Cucumber
3. It is very useful to those who suffer from piles, diabetis, bile and stones in gallbladder,

Treatment of Indigestion and body heat problem with cucumber:
4. The mixture of cucumber, tomato, onion, carrot, curd, green chilly, coconut and corinder leaf cures indigestion and it keeps the body cool.

Treatment of Burning in feet:
5. It cures burning sensation in foot by rubbing cucumber to the bottom of the feet.

Treatment of spots of skin
6. If the paste of the peeled husk of the cucumber and lemon applied to black spots of skin, it will be cured.

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