Cumin Seeds as medicine

Cumin Seeds as medicine

1. Take one spoon of cumin seeds, sugar, dry ginger, common salt and make powder of all these. Mix with half cup of hot water, and half of lemon juice. If this mixture is taken stomach pain will be reduced. If tamarind juice with cumin seed and honey is taken jaundice will be reduced.

2. Take half cup of water, add half lemon juice to it. Then prepare powder of spoonful of cumin seed and 3-4 cloves and mix with the lemon juice. If this mixture is taken vomiting and stomach pain will be reduced.

3. Take a piece of dry ginger and one tea spoon of cumin seeds, make powder of it, add it to two glasses of water and boil it for five minutes. If this mixture is taken when it is warm indigestion will be cured and good digestion takes place. If it is chewed well, toothache stops.

4. Take equal parts of coriander seeds and cumin seeds and some pure sugar. If it is chewed well, taste of tongue will be increased.

5. Take coriander seeds and cumin seeds in equal parts and make powder. Keep this in water for four or five hours, mix it well. Filter it, add sugar to this mixture. If this mixture is taken, loose motion will come under control.

6. Take a tea-spoonful of cumin seeds and make soft powder. if this powder is used with milk for washing head, all dust in hair will vanish.

7. If the mixture of cumin seeds and salt is taken, the bile will be reduced. The mixture of cumin seeds with honey is useful to pregnant ladies when it is taken daily. Breast milk will be increased when consumed the mixture in post maternal period.

8. Make fine powder of cumin seeds and mix with coconut water, apply to the body, take bath after half an hour, boils will be cured.

9. Make paste of cumin seeds, jaggery, tamarind and prepared small tablets out of it. If these tablets are used daily in a preserved manner bile will be reduced.

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