Dr. Sikandar Jamal Gulbarga

Dr. Sikandar Jamal, Gulbarga
Liver Cancer Case by Dr. Sikandar Jamal, Gulbarga

Dr. Sikandar Jamal Gulbarga, A report of Inquilab Daily Urdu Mumbai
For Consultation of Psoriasis, HIV, Cancer, All types of Kidney problems, Mental Illness, etc.
Contact on Phone for India only : 9986082463

Other Cases of Dr. Mirza Anwar Baig, Mumbai
Skin cancer case of Dr. Mirza Anwar Baig, Mumbai

07/03/2012 Wednesday, Inquilab Urdu Mumbai

14/03/2012 Wednesday Inquilab Urdu Mumbai

21/03/2012 Wednesday Inquilab Urdu Mumbai, Eye cancer Case of Dr. Mirza Anwar Baig

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