Medicinal uses of Fenugreek

Medicinal Uses of Fenugreek

Amoebiosis, Motion:
If one tea spoonful of fenugreek seeds with thick curd is taken, amoebiosis, motion with blood will be reduced. The mixture of guava fruit without seeds, fenugreek seeds and honey will also cure the amebiosis.

Take fenugreek seeds, fry and make powder and mix with butter milk. IF this mxiture is taken twice daily amoebiosis will be cured.

Amoebiosis, biles:
Make a mixture of fenugreek seeds, bitter ground, turmeric, coriander seeds and apply to the body, take hot water bath after some time, amoebiosis, bile will be cured.

Fenugreek for Cough:
If the mixture of omam and fenugreek seeds is taken four times in a day cough will be reduced.

Make a mixture of fenugreek seeds and raw ginger and if one cup of this mixture is taken with honey cough will be reduced.

Body pain:
If fenugreek vegetable is used with fenugreek dosa, body pain will be reduced.

Hair problems:
Make a past of fenugreek seeds with coconut milk and apply it to hair, take bath after some time. If often made this a habit, hair will not become gray soon and the hair would grow very nicely.

Keep fenegreek sees in coconut oil for 24 hours. If this hair oil is sued to hair, the hair do not became gray.

Skin of Face:
Make powder of Fenugreek seeds, boil it with milk for some time, apply this mixture to face at night and wash the face next day. If this is applied day after day, skin of face will not become dry.

Skin diseases:
Make powder 250 gms of green gram, 100gms of poppy seeds, one piece of turmeric and keep it in the sun for some time. If it is used in bathing as a soap or the other things intended to smear over the body, all skin diseases will be cured.

Burning sensation:
Make paste of fenugreek seed and apply this to foot, the burning sensation will be reduced.

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