Ragi as medicine

Ragi as medicine

1. Ragi for heart, liver, diabetes:
Ragi is a very healthy food. Raw ragi grains containing milk should be roasted. This cures heart diseases, liver troubles, diabetes, obstruction and weakness of nerves.

2. Ragi for Diabetes, Heavy weight:
If ragi balls are taken, it cures constipation, diabetes, heavy weight in body and passing of urine many times.

3. Growing children old people:
Ragi liquid keeps the body cool, ragi
alt may be given to growing children and aged people.

4. Ragi is a for good health:
Keep ragi in water at night and then next day morning grind it well, filter it. Boil this liquid with the powder of cinnamom, cardamom and cloves. This liquid is very good for health.

5. Ragi for cold:
Take a mixture of ragi and turmeric powder and keep it on fire. If this smoke is inhaled, cold will be cured.

6. Ragi for bile
If the mixture of fried ragi powder, tamarind water taken early in the morning the bile is cured.

7. Ragi for Indigestion, watering of mouth:
The mixture of fried ragi powder and lemon juice cures, indigestion, vomiting, watering of mouth and heart burning.

8. Ragi for Teeth and gum:
Tooth powder may be made with little expence. This makes teeth and gums strong, bad smell of mouth will
be vanished.

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