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Dr. Ghazanfar Iqbal – A versatile being

Dr. Ghazanfar Iqbal – A versatile being
(Mujtaba Najam, Georai, Beed, Maharashtra)

It is commonly said that the sense of literature and that of understanding it gets maturation when an individual attains the period of maturity.  Understanding the literature demands the favourable atmosphere.  The heredity also marks an importance position in this direction.  But – when a person enthusiastically moves in search of knowing the secrets of literature in his early-maturation period, proves himself an energetic literary individual.  Dr. Ghazanfar Iqbal is one of those few literary persons who realized Urdu literature at the very beginning of adolescence. 

It is my pleasure that Ghazanfar entered into my friend circle when we were knocking the door of adolescence.  We were just about to be called ‘teenager’.  It is the turning point of life.  Psychologists call this point as ‘the period of storm and stress’.  At this age, I always used to come across different articles, and critical analysis of various literary wings.  There was a magnetism in his writings.  Very soon we met and became close friends.  We used to discuss on literary issues for hours.  His deep study and broad vision inspired me a lot.  Actually, at this stage of life, teenagers discuss on love, movies and such other points of interests.  But having the dialogue on Urdu novel, short stories, poetic scenario etc sound something strange!

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